"BPrime's story is one of true love that has lasted for generations, characterized by lightness, emotions, and great passion, culminating in an endless dream."

"The bag, the most intimate, most personal item that accompanies a woman in her everyday life.

The accessory that, by excellence, she uses to represent her personality and communicate her message of femininity and seduction."


BPrime is the project of a company that brings the values of Made in Italy and the deep values of a family that has been creating style for two generations to the world.

Today, Bprime is a brand of casual-chic bags, made with innovative materials, in full respect of environmental sustainability criteria. The simple design, with clean and essential lines, combines with a vibrant color palette to interpret the soul of all women, giving them a breath of joy and enthusiasm in the hectic pace of everyday life.

Three-dimensional and indestructible models, made with innovative fabric, cut manually "by scissors," inspired by nature and shaped by technology through a delicate thermoforming process, which allows shaping the material without any stitching, resulting in the characteristic 3D effect.

Thermoforming, exclusively Italian craftsmanship, and sustainability are the differentiating elements that make our bags extraordinarily unique.


"I was born into a family founded on pure values: love, faith, and hard work.

I remember as a child, watching in amazement as my dad designed shoe models and the strong attraction I had for the bags my mom made.

I enjoyed following her through the various stages of her work, from buying the leather and fabrics to having them worked on to create her bags. I still remember the scent of leather that I loved so much and that still brings me back to those memories.

Bags, those objects that fascinated me and that I would pick up to observe, to open, to scrutinize. I still remember my mom's proud expression when I said, 'This is beautiful, Mom.' It was a child's judgment, but it had all the love of a son and the joy of a mother. Yes, an attraction that, over the years, has turned into a great passion.

To do my job, you need to know what you're doing and where you want to go, and you don't learn that in a day.

Years of hard work, sacrifice, where creativity, passion, hopes, and expectations intersected, sometimes with only experiences and other times with great satisfactions!

I would describe my job in one sentence: a passion to give emotion! I create my bags with the awareness of creating not just simple items to wear but above all creations to live."

Luca Baracco, creator and founder of BPRIME, has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years, driven by a passion for high-quality artisanal products, passed down to him by his parents, who were creators of shoes and bags.

"We want to be recognized worldwide as carriers of real values, representing not just a simple product but a way of life."


We represent aesthetic values such as beauty, happiness, and lightness that merge with our deeper values, particularly respect for people, the environment, and all life on earth.

Our ambition is to think that those who choose one of our bags can embody these values, identifying with a lifestyle that we like to define as a "Sustainable Lifestyle."

We believe that the combination of the craftsmanship value of our bags and the sustainable soul that pervades them can represent a symbol of a better future, centered around beauty.



Every shade of color is a concentrated pure emotion, an expression of joy for women who live, love, and work. We choose our colors to meet their needs on the busiest days and imagine a light, rich life for them, full of those moments of sophistication where color takes the lead, capable of expressing the spirit of the times and giving energy and life.


"We believe in design and beauty in their purest forms as values. Geometry, for us, is art; it's the vein of a leaf and the harmony of a flower. Nature inspires us infinitely."

We believe our first responsibility is to offer design as an accessible value, and for this reason, we base our production on criteria of quality, expertise, and precision. BPrime design is an essential value: a bag can evoke emotions, make a woman happy, unique, and, above all, seductive.


"Lightness is our inspiration, our material, our form, as elegant as a sculpture. Lightness is our approach to the day, to be painted on a blank canvas, with the nuances of colors."

Lightness is Bprime.

Products and materials

"We study and make each individual piece with great care, with the desire that the women who choose us can find a unique treasure in BPrime, just like themselves."

We have always been committed to the search for exclusive materials that provide the product with true quality and identity.

A distinctive feature of our bags is the innovative fabric that, thanks to a special manufacturing process, thermoforming,
allows the fabric's surface to have a geometric and three-dimensional appearance without any stitching, with properties of extreme softness, lightness, and resistance.

The geometric print that characterizes our pattern replicates the square to infinity,
becoming our symbol.

The fabrics range from Lycra, shiny and matte, to velvet, to the latest innovation, a fiber
derived from recycled plastic, post-consumer.

All these types of fabric, all exclusively produced in the characteristic and distinctive 3D Bprime print, are developed in an extraordinary range of colors, which in the entire collection exceeds 500 different combinations.

All of this makes BPrime an extraordinarily versatile and exclusive project to fulfill every woman's demands in the most demanding outfits.


All the materials that make up our products come from the Italian supply chain.

Our bags are manually cut "by scissors," piece by piece, without the use of machinery; they are then crafted by skilled artisans who have been passing down
their craft for generations in Veneto, a land of Italian tradition and excellence.

We believe that, especially in a historical period like this, where the supply of raw materials has become very complicated and expensive, it is essential to make people understand and appreciate the great value of Made in Italy.

For us, the true Italian essence of our products is an intrinsic value that is too important, and for this reason, we communicate it with great pride and satisfaction.

"In our vision, there is an approach to contemporary living, limiting the environmental impact."


We have embarked on a journey that is leading us to make constant advancements in selecting the best eco-sustainable materials, derived from bio-derived raw materials, combined with innovative production technologies.

However, for Bprime, the concept of sustainability goes beyond research, pushing towards a broader vision that interprets life with a focus on greater attention and respect for people and the environment around us.


Two years of research, studies, and technological innovation have led to the creation of the "Vegan Bag." Much more than a shopping bag, this bag signifies BPrime's commitment to sustainability.

In particular, the Vegan Bag is made from a techno-fabric, made with regenerated nylon thread obtained from recycling plastic waste. The trims of this bag are also made from an innovative and eco-sustainable material that has the same visual effect as leather and is derived from a combination of recycled plastic and non-food-grade corn waste.

It is a significant first step in respecting the ecosystem. We are aware that the journey will be challenging, but the goal for 2024 is to make the entire Bprime line eco-friendly, minimizing environmental impact as much as possible.

We believe that practical action can make a difference, and in this way, we want to contribute.


While the company is rooted in the origins of the founder's family, linked to the quality and craftsmanship of its products, it also looks to the future, taking on the challenge of sustainability combined with innovation and technology.

Past and future intersect in a broader vision of an approach to life, founded on the conscious respect for everything that surrounds us.

This philosophy in Bprime's DNA does not limit itself to the product alone but, through it, seeks to identify with a lifestyle that reflects the personality of those who choose it.

In Bprime's future, therefore, there is a "way of life" that combines a green soul with design, quality, technology, and innovation.

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