We believe in design and in the forms of beauty intended as value. Geometry for us is art… it is the veining on a leaf and the harmony of a flower.

Visions of nature that provide us with infinite inspiration.

We believe that our primary responsibility is to offer design as an accessible value and this is why our production is based on criteria of quality, competence and precision.

Colour is for us an expression of joy, for women who live, love and work.

We choose our colours to satisfy their needs on their busiest days and also imagining a trouble-free life for them, filled with those happy hours where colour is the star, capable of expressing the spirit of time and lending energy and vitality.

We study and produce each article with great care, to ensure that each treasure, which our women find in BPrime, is as unique as they are.

Our bags are versatile, perfect for any occasion, from work to even the most formal of evenings, from everyday wear to more eclectic outfits.

They are transformers and lightweight, the graceful main players of looks or real design pieces, for any day and any evening.



Each of our bags stems from a passion that materialises in a product.

Each of our products is the result of tailoring by our Italian artisans, following knowhow handed down for generations.

Each Bprime is made with an innovative fabric, 3D thermoform moulded that, due to this very characteristic, is cut by hand “with scissors”, making each one unique.



The 3D shape is the result of combining expanded polyurethane foam with a fabric, subject to a careful thermoforming process that gives the surface of the fabric a geometric, three-dimensional appearance. Perfect thermoforming requires skilful control of times, temperature and pressure. The result of this perfect production process is a soft, compact, sturdy article that needs no further stitching and is therefore extremely lightweight. .

BPrime fabrics are designed to be versatile, soft and resistant, both in the all-season variant and in the velvet versions, conceived to add a touch of charm, warmth and elegance to winter outfits.

AniMal friendly

Only the smallest parts or details that finish the bag (handle and shoulder strap in particular) are in real calfskin leather, from Italian tanning companies..

Even though this is by many considered a plus, it is not for us as we want to increasingly move away from the use of animal-origin materials. We can today declare that a Bprime contains a maximum of 10% leather, and we are heading towards future production of an article almost completely without any animal products.