We believe in design and beauty in their purest forms as values.

Geometry, for us, is art—it's the vein of a leaf and the harmony of a flower

Visions of nature that infinitely inspire us.

We believe our first responsibility is to offer design as an accessible value, and for this reason, we base our production on criteria of quality, expertise, and precision.


Color, for us, is an expression of joy, for women who live, love, and work.

We choose our colors to meet their needs on the busiest days and even to imagine a light, rich life for them, full of those happy hours where color takes the lead, capable of expressing the spirit of the times and giving energy and life.

We study, design and produce each piece with great care to ensure that every treasure our women find in BPrime can be unique, just like them.

Our bags are versatile, perfect for every occasion, from work to formal evenings, from everyday outfits to eclectic looks.

They are transformative and lightweight, gracefully accompanying each day and evening, whether they are the stars of the look or true pieces of design.


The 3D shapes that characterize every BPrime bag result from an exclusive thermoforming process that gives the fabric's surface a geometric and three-dimensional appearance.

To achieve optimal thermoforming, it is necessary to skillfully control time, temperature, and pressure.

The result of this perfect manufacturing process is a soft, compact, and durable product that requires no stitching and is therefore extraordinarily lightweight.

BPrime fabrics are designed to be versatile, ultra-light, soft, and durable, both in all-season variants and in velvet versions designed to add a touch of charm, warmth, and sophistication during the colder seasons.


For years, we have been committed to the relentless search for raw materials and semi-finished products to combine an essential duo: sustainability and innovation.

BPrime has made this duo its creed, embarking on a transformation journey towards the use of materials and manufacturing processes that respect life on this planet.

Our VEGAN COLLECTION officially marks the beginning of this journey, thanks to the use of a fabric derived from the recycling of plastic from the seabed (ECONIL®) and the replacement of animal leather with a material with the same visual effect, derived from the combination of recycled plastic and non-food corn waste (BIO VEG MAIS).

When you choose a BPrime bag, you can identify with values such as respect for nature, the environment, and people.

All of this finds its greatest expression in every bag in the BPrime collection.

Join us creating a better future together.

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